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With car, ownership comes important maintenance and repair responsibilities. If you want to continue to enjoy your vehicle, you'll need a reliable and reputable Service Centre that can keep your car in top shape.


It's been said that one of the most important professional relationships you can develop is with a trustworthy mechanic. That's what we strive to achieve at Ultra Mechanics.

In the end, it doesn't really matter what we say, it matters what our Customers say. Have a look at our Customer reviews below.

Our Services
Safety Certificate & Pre-Purchase Inspections

Ultra Mechanics is a Queensland Government approved inspection station. We issue Safety Certificates and Roadworthy Certificates, whilst providing you with high quality, friendly, service.

  • Mobile Roadworthy Certificates*

  • Cars, Trailers, Caravans.

  • Rental Vehicles

  • Any Vehicle up to 4.5 Tonnes

  • Any Trailer or Caravan up to 3.5 Tonnes​​

*Caloundra to Maroochydore & out to Sippy Downs

Ultramechanics also perform annual Roadworthy Inspections for COI CL Rental Vehicles including:

  • Booked Hire (BKHR)

  • Booked hire/rental (BKRN)

  • Taxi (TAXI)

  • Limousine (LIMO) or

  • Special purpose limousine (LSPL)

Ultramechanics also have a Mod Plate licence:

At the end of the inspection, a written certificate will be issued. If the vehicle fails the inspection, you have 14 days to fix the problems and call us back for a re-inspection.

Hybrid Repairs

  • Hybrid Repairs Specialists

  • Battery Pack Repairs

  • We can repair your high voltage battery

Vehicle Servicing

A service should be part of the regular maintenance your vehicle for it to function effectively. Having regular servicing done is important in maintaining the lubrication, electrical and fuel systems in your car.


This will extend the life of your engine and help your car achieve top performance.


Servicing will help keep your engine and fuel system clean, which will go a long way toward helping your car achieve better fuel economy.

— Fixed Price Services

— Manufacturers Log Book Services

— Firm Quotes

Maintenance Service Includes:

  • Change engine oil and filter

  • Road test

  • Brake and fluid condition report

  • Tyre pressure and condition report

  • Steering and suspension check

  • Cooling system and condition test

  • Lights, wipers, battery and electrical check

  • Full vehicle written safety report


Tune-up available on request


We believe that quality workmanship with honest pricing will keep our customers happy and coming back to us.

  • Same Day Repairs

  • Prices Quoted Before Work Commenced

  • We Stick To Our Quote!

  • We Do Air Conditioning Repairs. A/C AU44238 License.

  • Experienced Qualified Mechanics

  • Vehicle repairs are what we do here at Ultra Mechanics and we have over 20 years industry experience. We carry all the right tools for the job.

  • We can carry out repairs in a timely manner and with a fair price for you.

Auto Electrical

As cars continue to evolve, so do their auto-electrical systems. Today, cars are as much electronic as they are mechanical. That’s why we are highly skilled at both, at Ultra Mechanics.


Your car’s auto electrical system controls almost every driving function. Ensuring these systems and devices are working correctly is the only way to ensure your car runs well.

  • Starter Motors

  • Alternators

  • Trailer Brake setup

  • Air Conditioning Repairs

  • Dual Battery Installs

  • Fault Finding

Auto Electrical repairs is one of Ultra Mechanics specialties whether its a replacement Starter Motor or an Alternator we can fix your vehicle on site.


Diagnose Electrical faults or Install a Dual Battery System into your Vehicle or Caravan

Trailer Brake installs, Reverse Camera and Reverse Sensor Installs, Repair Electric Windows Or setup a new Stereo System.


Repair Thermo Fan system faults. Air Conditioning Repairs and Regas. A/C AU44238 License. 


Battery replacement and Fuel Injections Repairs.

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