Roadworthy/Safety Certificates


Ultra Mechanics is an Approved Inspection Station (AIS)

  • Roadworthy/Safety Certificates (Handwritten & Online Inspection Certifications - OIS) 

    • Cars

    • Trailers up to 3.5 Tonnes

    • Caravans up to 3.5 Tonnes

    • Any Vehicle up to 4.5 Tonnes 

  • Certificates of Inspection (COI) 

    • Taxis 

    • Limousines 

    • Special Purpose Limousines 

    • Booked Hire Vehicles 

    • Booked Hire-Rental Vehicles 

This inspection covers the basics for safe operation of the vehicle, such as:

  • Tyres

  • Brakes

  • Steering

  • Suspension

  • Oil Leaks

  • Seat Belts

  • Body rust or damage

  • Windscreens

  • Lights 


We also offer Online Inspection Certificates (OIC).


 A Safety Certificate Inspection is NOT a comprehensive mechanical inspection. If you are buying a vehicle, you may require a Pre-Purchase Inspection.

The need for a safety certification in Queensland

Under Queensland law, the seller must provide a Safety Certificate for any vehicle that is registered.

You must display a Safety Certificate on a registered light vehicle from the moment you offer it for sale, including when you:

List the vehicle for sale online.

Display that it is for sale in public.

Drive the car with a sign in the window offering it for sale, including wording such as “Buy me or Interested? Ph: 1234-5678”.


At the end of the inspection, a written certificate will be issued. If the vehicle fails the inspection, you have 14 days to fix the problems and call us back for a re-inspection.

Having a safety certificate protects the buyer, as it acts as a guarantee that the vehicle meets the safety standards set at the time of inspection in Queensland, thus allowing the transfer of registration between buyer and seller quickly.

For how long are safety certificates valid?

The validity of safety certifications depends from vehicle to vehicle.

In case of a private seller, the safety certificate is valid for 2 months or 2000kms, whichever comes first from the date the safety certificate is issued.

With motor dealers, the safety certificate validity is either 3 months or 1000kms, whichever comes first from the date that the certificate is issued.

To view a sample report click here.

For a more detailed outline of what is required for a Roadworthy Certificate/Safety Certificate in Queensland,  please follow the link below to the Queensland Transport website.

Are you selling a vehicle and need a Vehicle Registration Transfer Application? Please follow the link below to the Queensland Transport website.

Download a Vehicle Sales Form here if you need it: 

Certificates of Inspection (COI)

Certificate of Inspection (COI) vehicles (such as taxis, limousines and booked hire vehicles) registered in Queensland may need to have a periodic or programmed inspection to check minimum vehicle safety standards. A COI is issued when the vehicle passes the inspection.

Owners of registered COI vehicles must have a current COI at all times, unless exempt.

The vehicle must be presented in a clean condition and free of excessive grease to ensure the components can be inspected.

The vehicle should be checked for defects and have any necessary repairs completed before presentation for a COI to prevent the need for a re-inspection.

It is an offence to drive a vehicle with an expired COI unless you have a COI exemption or an extension of time to comply.

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